Amazon | BEST PRICE + #PrimeDay2020: Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

Amazon | BEST PRICE + #PrimeDay2020: Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

  • Track your all day activity, 24/7 heart rate, & sleep stages, all with a 4 plus day battery life (varies with use and other factors)
  • Use 15 plus exercise modes to record workouts and connect to Smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance
  • Access your favorite apps for sports, weather & more and get called, calendar, text, and app alerts
  • Get call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. Plus send quick replies on android only
  • Enjoy a slim, comfortable design with a lightweight, anodized aluminum watch body that is swim-proof (water resistant to 50 meters)
  • Automatically track select sports & workouts with smart track and use female health tracking in the Fitbit app to log periods, symptoms and more

Amazon | BEST PRICE: Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Amazon | BEST PRICE: Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Last summer, my radiology oncologist recommended that if I was going out in the sun that I use a mineral sunscreen. I used this one and it’s great. I love that the bottle changes color in the sun.

  • We love the reef – to help protect delicate coral reefs, Blue Lizard Sensitive sunscreen contains no oxybenzone or Octinoxate
  • Mineral sunscreen, no chemical active ingredients – protects your skin by acting like thousands of tiny mirrors that reflect UV rays away before they enter your body
  • Spf 50+ broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection- mineral active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium Dioxide provide broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • Paraben-free & fragrance-free – Contains no fragrances or parabens, making it ideal for sensitive skin
  • Sweat AND water resistant (80 minutes) – that’s twice as long as Blue Lizard Original sensitive formula
Amazon | BEST PRICE + SUBSCRIBE & SAVE: Gatorade 12 pack

Amazon | BEST PRICE + SUBSCRIBE & SAVE: Gatorade 12 pack

[amazon_link asins=’B0029JWNNC’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’yares-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1d6bb0a1-962b-4890-a7c3-1cdddeb5a4ad’]

The one and only. With a legacy over 50 years in the making, it’s the most scientifically researched and game-tested way to replace electrolytes lost in sweat. Gatorade Thirst Quencher hydrates better than water, which is why it’s trusted by some of the world’s best athletes.

  • When you sweat, you lose more than water. Gatorade Thirst Quencher contains critical electrolytes to help replace what’s lost in sweat.
  • Top off your fuel stores with carbohydrate energy, your body’s preferred source of fuel.
  • Tested in the lab and used by the pros.
  • Fruit Punch flavor
  • 20 oz bottles (12 pack)
Amazon | BEST PRICE + SUBSCRIBE & SAVE: Aquaphor

Amazon | BEST PRICE + SUBSCRIBE & SAVE: Aquaphor

[amazon_link asins=’B07CZQ5M7T’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’yares-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7650a7ca-4cab-4d81-9a1e-df75dfc519fc’]

I begin radiation treatments in a couple of weeks for the third part of my breast cancer treatment. There are a number of different creams that are recommended to deal with the radiation burn, Aquaphor happens to be one of them. We have also used this for eczema during the winter.

  • #1 Dermatologist recommended for dry, cracked skin, chapped lips, cracked cuticles and dry feet and heels
  • Clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy skin
  • Uniquely formulated with 41% Petrolatum to allow oxygen to flow and help heal the skin
  • Skin protectant ointment with Pantheon and Glycerin to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin to enhance healing
  • Protects skin from drying effects of wind and cold weather, helps relieve chapped, dry, cracked or irritated skin and lips, and soothes minor cuts, scrapes, and burns