Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas

If you are looking to do something other than money, there are so many possibilities for gift ideas. I’d love to hear what you recommend.

Gift Cards

You might also want to consider giving them the opportunity to purchase something for themselves. Some ideas for Gift Cards are Forever 21, iTunes, Sephora, Amazon, American Eagle, Regal Entertainment, AMC Theaters.


Some girls receive a lot of jewelry. You might find that a jewelry box might be more useful to the Bat Mitzvah girl instead of jewelry.

Alex and Ani


Alex and Ani have a number of designs and some are have Jewish starts or Hamsas. They also have more pop culture like Harry Potter.

Michal Golan

Michal Golan has a number of interesting a unique styles. She has Judaica, jewelry, and keepsake boxes.

Personalized Hebrew Name Necklace or Ring

Personalized items can be fun. Especially when you get something in the child’s Hebrew name.

Yair Emanuel Jewelry Boxes

There are some beautiful designs for Jewelry boxes from Yair Emanuel.

Luggage/Overnight Duffle

Chances are if your child is not already doing a bunch of traveling that they soon will be. If they are involved in any sort of teen youth group, they might find themselves away at least 3 – 4 weekends a year. They are sure to get a lot of use out of a good overnight bag.

Personalized Custom String Art Gift

Elana’s Designs does great work! She is very creative and creates anything to match the personality of the child or the theme of the Simcha. She had does designs off of invitations. This might be a fun idea and very unique piece of art work for the child.

You can see more of her designs on her website.




The Bat Mitzvah girl might not be into purses now, a nice purse might be a gift that they appreciate later on.



With a Siddur, the biggest thing to think about is what kind of shul do they go and what kind of siddur do they use. At our shul we use Nusah Sefard, but another synagogue they might use Nusah Ashkenazi.


Although many kids receive a Tanakh in Hebrew School or Day School, a nicer Tanakh might be a great idea.

Traveling Candle Stick Holders




I think traveling Candlesticks are different and nice twist on a traditional bat mitzvah gift. As a girl gets older, she will probably develop her own tastes for what design and material (modern, glass, aluminum, wood, etc.) she wants for her regular Shabbat candle holders. I like the traveling cases because as the girl begins traveling, she might want to light her own set.



For a girl who is reading Torah and you think might regularly read, a yad might be a nice item.