Passover Menu Planning: Desserts

Passover Menu Planning: Desserts

I have a bunch of staple recipes that we have found to use over the years for Passover through various cookbooks, recipe exchanges, etc, but I can’t seem to figure out where I put any of the print outs. We luckily saved most of the recipes in One Note (I take pictures and then link to them on our menu plans). It’s a little bit more robust than Google Spreadsheets to do this kind of thing, but isn’t as easy to share.

Our go-to desserts are a chocolate cake, sorbet, dipped strawberries, meringues, and maybe a brownie.

Here are some of the recipes I have saved over the years:





Fruit Inspired

Recipe Collections


Amazon | Passover Finds

Amazon | Passover Finds

We are just starting to plan our menu and what we might need for Passover next week, here are a few of the items that have been deals during the last couple years.

Food Prep

Shabbat/Yontif Appliances





Shtik for Sedar