Illustrated Versions of Harry Potter

Illustrated Versions of Harry Potter

If you are looking for a fun gift for the holiday season for someone who loves Harry Potter then you might want to look at the beautifully illustrated versions of Harry Potter.

These two books are on sale for $23.99 and there is a promo code for HOLIDAYBOOK.


Funny book: HTML for Babies on Amazon

This is a pretty funny picture of a baby reading a book about HTML. The time have certainly changed and what kids know about computers and technology will be so different that what I and my friends knew. Before they are even two they already know about swyping with technology, even if they haven’t actually touched technology. They know so much.

I wanted to see how much a book like this cost on Amazon and while they don’t sell it directly there are some people who will charge you a ton of money.

Check it out:
HTML for Babies on Amazon

 And don’t forget about CSS for Babies (Web Design for Babies, Volume 2)

Amazon: Free Kindle Books

A few reminders, prices change all the time and these could no longer be free when you click on the link. These books might go back on in a few weeks, so check back. Also even if you don’t have a kindle device, your smart phone or computer can get these free books.