With our fridge taken over by our family command center, the kids’ art needed to go someplace. With a minimal number of tools, this is what we created on our wall.

What Do You Need


  1. Prepare the wood by trimming it to the appropriate length. Be sure to sand the edges and then wipe them down prior to the next step. The smoother edges will minimize splintering.
  2. In the color of your choice, paint the boards. If you are painting over another paint job, sand it first and apply primer. You can also use a wood stain.
  3. Using the hot glue gun, place your metal clips on the wood. Don’t be shy with the amount of glue that you use. It’s transparent and will make sure that the artwork stays in place.
  4. With another color of paint, use the stencil to paint in the letter or design of your choice. Or you can use a decal.
  5. Place the double-sided tape on the back side of the board and place it on the wall. Using a level with help make sure that it isn’t crooked.
  6. Hang up your kids’ artwork and make sure to take it down so the display doesn’t get crowded.

Thanks to Hip2Save for the idea.