I like to plan, so I have already figured out most of camp for all four of my kids this summer. Three of them will be away at some sleep away camps for a little bit of the summer and one will be going to one of day camps for her first time. I really have never done more than purchase camp bags for Hanukkah. Recently someone asked for ideas for camp so they could do it as Hanukkah gifts, so I figured I would share some of the ideas.

Camp Bags

I remember having to schlep my camp bag to my bunk and it was loaded on the buses when we left. Things are so different now, I had to send stuff on a truck a couple days before camp started and the bags were waiting in their bunks. So I initially bought wheeled bags for my older girls, but I don’t think it’s necessary if camp is doing the heavy lifting. Last summer was the first summer we didn’t pick the kids up straight from one of the camps and I realized if it at all possible don’t pick black bags.

Mp3 Player & E-Readers


Stamps & Stationary

Chairs & Mats

Customized Stamp

Games, Crafts

Towels & Bath




Some camps are using Twin XL


Water Bottles

White T-Shirts

For Tie Dying