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Parenting shouldn’t be seen as an act of survival. Yet, for most of us, we sometimes feel like we are barely getting by as parents. We’re overwhelmed by school requirements, conflicting kid appointments, and the unplanned for meltdown. We tend to fall into the same patterns of behavior without really taking time to think things through or even allow ourselves a glimmer of hope for a more peaceful parenting experience.

The business world has long since learned about the power of innovation. Using strategies such as design thinking, which was championed by IDEO, businesses have learned to explore, observe, and experiment in order to solve seemingly intractable problems. And let’s face it, a four-year old having a tantrum on the floor of a supermarket is a pretty intractable problem.

Using the tools of innovation and design thinking, Dr. Ari Yares encourages parents to move to an innovative parenting style. This unique approach to parenting is more than just trying to solve a single problem. It’s an approach and an attitude that gives you permission as a parent to fail forward, knowing that this failure will make you a better, more innovative parent.