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Get 50% off this collander.

Silicone collapsible colander has handles, Can be hung on a hook using of the handles.
Kitchen colander works for fruit, spaghetti, pasta, broccoli, potatoes, spinach, green beans, carrots and other vegetables. Drain holes are distributed evenly, and draining of fruits and vegetables is quick and easy.
Ergonomic, foldable with a space-saving design, kitchen cabinet friendly, so they do not take up much-needed room in your kitchen cupboards. Bottom wear-resistant non-slip design, easy to use.
Collapsed strainers are 1.6 inches high, so you can place neatly when you finished. Food-Grade Kitchen Strainer: Soft and rubberized, heat resistant up to 158º F/70ºC, The handles are comfortable, non-slip handles smooth on all surfaces, dishwasher safe.
The compact size of this colander makes it your perfect companion for a camping trip or keeping these handy in your RV or Camper. And how about having a set in your cabin or a beach house?