As we try to expand lunch and work with our kids for them to pack lunches we have gone through a number of strategies. My husband talks about our process in this post. And I share some ideas for what can go in a lunch in this post.

Today, I want to share a different way of helping our kids with lunch packing. I created a Google Doc that has lunch packing for our oldest three kids. I imagine this will change, but I sat down with them and asked them to come up with ideas for each category based upon what they eat and the ideas we had previously come up with. Then at the beginning of the week, I am asking them to look at the dinner menu to see what leftovers they can take and also what needs to be made for lunches that we can make ahead of time. Planning for the whole week helps them with the task of making lunches easily and not staring at the refrigerator for 20 minutes trying to decide what they want to pack. It also helps with planning the shopping list, so we can make sure there are fruits and vegetables that each of the kids would like to eat.

I also plan on laminating this and having them use a Dry Erase Marker each week to write out their ideas. But I think we are going to be adjusting it for at least the first month of school. Maybe when I take the laminator out for Sukkot, it will be more finalized.

Do you have any strategies that help with making lunches? Do you have any good ideas that I should add?

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