We use Quicken to do all of our budgeting and finances. I like it better than Mint for my overall tool because I can plan my bills and expenses for the next two months. One of the frustrating things I have felt is that I can only access it on my home computer. I want to be able to see everything from my phone or tablet. I want to know whats coming up in case someone else wants to use this computer. I also wanted to be able to access the finances without having to remote desktop into my computer if I happen to be out of town. Because of this, I have been using Mint to do budgeting and keep track of things and Quicken to do my planning.

Apparently in Quicken 2013, I can access my financials from multiple devices. I haven’t decided if I’m going to purchase this or look to an online tool, but I’m curious what other people are using. Does anyone else have a running list in their ledger with the next month’s worth of bills?

Quicken Deluxe 2013 [Download]