We held out a long time before buying a soda stream, only because we had cut out soda almost entirely or only had it occasionally. But the rest of our family already had soda streams and we were fortunate to borrow one for 6 months when a family member was is transition. I’m not a seltzer drinker so plain water, doesn’t really make me excited. But the flavors are a lot of fun and making a combination of them is also fun. Over Rosh HaShannah, we combined the Cranberry Raspberry with the Gingerale.

Recently Soda Stream released a new Soda Stream product.

iconNew Soda Stream Revolution
Our favorite flavor is the Orange Mango, although I find it difficult to find it in the stores. I was fortunate to be in a baby store in Columbia, Maryland where they must have had every flavor and picked it up on a whim. So glad I did. The only thing I found it I constantly was overflowing, so I had to be careful to pour the syrup in slowly as not to overflow.

iconOrange Mango Syrup