I have been fully absorbed in household stuff over the last couple months because we just celebrated our oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah on Purim. I figured I would share a couple posts with information that might be useful for anyone who is doing a simcha. This is more focused on if you are doing it yourself.

 Kippot & Clips
 Special Table Cloths
 Microphone (if doing the setup yourself)
 Ring Light (if doing the setup yourself)
 Adapters like HDMI to USB-C (if doing the setup yourself)
 Laptop (if doing the setup yourself)
 Extra Laptop for Projector (if doing the setup yourself)
 Projector (if doing the setup yourself)
 Video Camera (if doing the setup yourself)
 USB Cords (if doing the setup yourself)
 Surge Protector (if doing the setup yourself)
 Sheet of Page Numbers
 Party Favors
 Dress Shoes
 Comfortable Shoes

I did a lot of research of different components that were needed for the service. Our synagogue doesn’t have any technology, so we set things up ourselves. Here are some ideas that I got from researching vendors and the virtual mitzvah planning group.

Microphone & Accessories

Here are a couple of the recommendations from there and from other professionals:


We purchased a high definition webcam. Here are some of the suggested webcams.

Ring Light

Our service was in the evening and in the sanctuary of our synagogue. We really didn’t need any extra lighting, but here are a few other options.


We ended up getting a group of girls together to create their own Yads through the Hiddur Mitzvah project. I am not sure how much longer they will be doing this program as Gary Rosenthal is retiring. But the end results were beautiful.

You could also make your own yad and decorate it with polymer clay or even hand pointers.

There are so many different styles of yads


This is such a personal choice. Sometimes there are beautiful tallitot that are shared from generation to generation. Sometimes they are made from pieces of family pieces and quilted together. Our daughter didn’t wear a Tallit, but we placed the Tallit that we were wrapped in at our wedding and that she was named in (along with the rest of our children) under the Megillah she read from.


We made a bencher for our daughter. It included Maariv, Megillah Reading, and Shabbat Prayers. I have a design background and have designed B’kol Echad, Siddurim, logos for smachot. You can see some examples of what I have designed on this Instagram account. If you are in design services for your simcha, feel free to contact me.

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