I have made my daughter’s cake for her birthday party every year. As I’m preparing to look for cakes again, I wanted to share a cake I did in the past:

I began on Pinterest looking for cake ideas. My 5-year-old at the time had been studying patterns in school and really wanted a multiple layer cake (5 or 6 layers) that were different shades of pink and purple. I compromised with her and only did a 2 layer cake that was in a zebra pattern. I didn’t really measure 1/4 cup each time, I just sort of eyeballed it with a spoon. I also didn’t make the cake itself from scratch. I used a box mix and added pudding to the mix. I find it makes it even moister.

The cakes were entirely Pareve and the only part of the cake that was dairy was the ganache I added at the end that could easily have been made Pareve. The second part of the cake was decorated with the idea of the melted crayons bleeding off the sides of the cake. I only did a two layer cake, I would do a 4 or 5 layer cake the next time in order to give the cake more room to drip down.


Overall, the cake tasted delicious and was fun to make.