About a year ago, we were at a friend’s house and she was telling us about her wonderful meals that she was getting from Blue Apron. It sounded so great and seemed like it would help differentiate dinners. I was determined to find a kosher version. So I stumbled across Fresh20. It doesn’t provide you with all the ingredients, but it does provide you with a weekly meal plan that is seasonal for 16 weeks worth of meal ideas. I will say there is a lot more meat meals than we are used to eating, but we have swapped out meat for “fake” meat products. I love that you can reuse ingredients for several different meals. Talk about not wasting food and having less leftovers. We bought the menu last January and I still don’t think we have touched all of the recipes yet. We have a couple that we constantly make because they are delicious.

They have lots of meal plans and since you are buying the ingredients, you could probably also buy their Vegetarian meal plan.