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Today, I tackled organizing our cards,

Store Cards
While we have put many of our “store cards” in Google Wallet, we have a most of them in a bin. I need to add to the todo list to register some of the cards, but that is a task for another day. I also got rid of bunch of cards that were no longer valid or that we had multiple copies of.

Store Credit Cards and Bank Cards
I didn’t realize how many credit cards I had multiple copies of because I had credit cards that had expired several years ago still around. Or several copies of the same credit card.

Important Documents
I organized the copies of our important documents and other documents so they would be together.

Health Cards
The one item that I did not get rid of was Health cards. We have so many old Health Cards, but I am hesitant to give them up. Partly because I feel like because billing sometimes takes so long, that I just got a bill in December for something that had happened in June on my previous Health Provider.