Observing the Holiday

There are four main mitzvot that are associated with Purim.
1. Hearing the Megillah read
2. Seudah Purim (what Jewish holiday doesn’t have something to either eating or not eating)
3. Mishloach Manot (sending small gifts to friends)
4. Matanot L’evyonim (gifts to the poor)

Hearing the Megillah

Have you thought about thought about how you are following along with Megillah reading:

I’d like to point out an app for Megillah Reading that’s a couple years old. It’s easy to follow along or even learn how to read Megillah with. It’s available for the desktop, iOS, and Android. It’s built using the same technology as Pocket Torah. It’s really easy to use to learn how to read or just to follow along during the reading. When you are juggling children and listening, sometimes it’s much easier to have something to follow on your phone instead of a book.

Mishloach Manot

I am truly fascinated by the creativity and the energy that people put into making Mishloah Manot. It’s even more amazing that they people figure out how to match their Purim costumes with their Mishloah manot. I wish I had the time to be so creative in thinking far enough ahead to be able to be so thematic.

Matanot L’evyonim

But my concentration is usually on where we are donating our money and thinking about different places that we can help. We usually focus on Jewish organizations that help people who are hungry during Purim.

Here are some of the few I have donated to in the past:

1. SOVA– this is what I grew up with contributing to in Los Angeles. I remember we would often do food drives before Yom Kippur and Purim/Pesach. When I was in High School, the youth group I was part of would not only collect money to donate, but we would also volunteer our time for SOVA.
2. Mazon– In the past we have found it easy to make Purim donations.
3. Leket Israel – Leket is by far the easiest one to make Purim donations. They are set up and ready to go for the Purim holiday. You can easily make donations in honor of people.