With the start of lent, I saw a bunch of posts on organizing and purging for lent, basically 40 bags in 40 days. What a great idea for getting ready for Passover. I use it as my time to do spring cleaning, even when we will be gone for the holiday. So I’m challenging you to use the time between Purim and Passover to clean up the house, purge, organize, donate, and share. Here’s my list of places to clean and purge:
25 entry hall closet
26 bookcases
27 dining room
28 living room
1 play room
2 rest from cleaning
3 pantry
4 dishes
5 bathrooms
6 laundry room
7 guest bedroom
8 under sinks
9 rest from cleaning
10 attic
11 linen closet
12 office
13 family room
14 master bedroom
15 master bedroom closets
16 rest from cleaning
17 kid room
18 kid room
19 bathrooms
20 kid desk
22 garage
23 rest
24 refrigerator, freezer, counter tops
What would your plan be?