Menu Planning for January

Starting for December, we started planning our menus a little bit more regularly and consistently. The idea builds upon Kosher on a Budget’s November Meal Plan. But instead of doing the exact same thing every week, we settled on the same type of thing for each night. Read more here.

Our kids were actually dealt better with the meals when they knew what was coming up and could make a decision based upon the theme of the night. There is a lot of evening meetings in January, so I think we’ll need to figure out a lot easier meals.

For January, we are going to try to stick to this routine, but add one night besides Friday Night that will be of Variety.

Sunday Lunches- 
Grilled Cheese

Sunday Dinners-
Leftovers from Shabbat or Pizza

Mexican (Quesadillas, Burritos, Enchiladas)

Tuesday (Dance Class)- 
Sandwhiches for the kids & Fish for the Adults

Wednesday (Prep for Shabbat Evening)-
Fleish (Hamburgers, Sloppy Joes)


Shabbat Lunches
We usually do Sandwiches for the kids as they are exhausted from the walk back and forth, especially when it’s cold and just need time to vedge.
For the adults, we have been doing deli and soup.

Soup Ideas:
Mushroom Barley (Jan 3)
Lentil Soup (Jan 10)
Tomato Basil
Split Pea Soup
Mediterranean Tomato Soup

Menu Planning Inspiration

I’m always on the lookout for kid-friendly and interesting ideas for the whole family. Recently I found a Weeknight Meal Planner on Cooking Light. You drag and drop 5 Dishes and then you have a visual meal plan.

Another site I often use that is great for kosher meal planning is Supercook. I love having all of my pantry items listed and then being able to choose which items I don’t want. When I have an ingredient that has sat too long in the pantry or refrigerator, it’s one of the first places I go for inspiration.

I am starting to plan December and using the inspiration from Kosher on a Budget, I am going to stick with a couple routines for December and just vary it a little bit. At school Tuesdays and Thursdays are meat days, so I try to aim to do dairy on those evenings.

Sundays- Leftovers/Pizza

Mondays – Mexican
Quesadillas, Burriots, or Enchiladas

Tuesdays – Sandwiches

Wednesday – Meat Night
Sloppy Joes, Hamburgers, Pasta with Meat Sauce

Thursdays – Fish Night
Fish Sandwiches, French Fries or Fish Tacos with Lettuce