Need some inspiration for Sukkot

I’m obsessed with Pinterest. For me it’s such a visual way to think and I think visually. I have put together a board on Sukkot/Simchat Torah that contains items for decorations and food and crafts.

Check it out

Sukkah Song from the Fountainheads

There are many great A Capella groups these days doing wonderful songs for the holidays. That is perhaps my favorite part of each holiday and seeing what kinds of new videos will be available and how creative.

This year Ein Pratt Fountainheads did one for Sukkot.

Sukkot Folding Chairs

Are you interested in folding chairs for your sukkah? You might want to check out These all weather ones look great! I usually purchase the 6.00 ones from Ikea, but if you don’t live near one then you might need an alternative

All-weather Outdoor Folding Chair Pads (Pack of 2)

Set of 4 Plastic Folding Chairs – Butterscotch – by OFM

All-weather Acrylic Outdoor Folding Chair Pads (Pack of 2)

You might also be interested in a electronic bug zapper

Sukkot Meal Planning

Sukkot begins on Sunday and we’re planning our sukkah meals. It’s getting colder at night, so I’m planning for chilly sukkah sitting. We’re going to do Soup and Challah for one of our evenings. It’s going to be a bunch of different soups and a bunch of different Challot. We have made special Apple filled Challot. I’m also thinking about making Pumpkin Challah.

Another day we are going to do Tacos in the Sukkah. Coming from California I love Mexican food and it’s a must during Sukkot.

Another day we are planning Macaroni and cheese. Two different kinds, one that it is a little spicy and one that is creamy and more traditional for the kids.

I’m always looking for ideas, what kinds of things are you planning?

Warming Tray on Sale at Amazon

During the summer, it becomes so hot if we keep the oven on for the entire time for Shabbat. So another way that might be more Green and definitely won’t heat up the house as much is a warming tray. Amazon has a great deal right now: