Shabbat Menu Planning: Latin American Themed

Shabbat Menu Planning: Latin American Themed

We love Mexican or Tex-Mex food. I grew up in California, so it’s not a surprise that I would take an enchilada any day or fish tacos. Here are some ideas that you might enjoy:


Orange Blossom Margarita (Tori Avey)
Rhubarb Rosewater Margarita (Tori Avey)
Mexican Hot Chocolate (Joy of Kosher)
Non-Alcoholic Margaritas (Joy of Kosher)
Mojito Cocktail (Tori Avey)


Spicy Jalapeno Hummus (Tori Avey)
Smoky Guacamole (Tori Avey)
Spring Pea Guacamole (Tori Avey)
Smoky Chipotle-Avocado Salsa (Tori Avey)
Homemade Tortilla Chips (Joy of Kosher)
Fresh Tomato Salsa (Joy of Kosher)
7 Layer Dip (McCormicks)
Vegan 7 Layer Dip (Love and Lemons) VEGAN
Mexican Starter (Bayis)
Pico De Gallo (Courtney’s Sweets)


Vegetarian Chili & Cornbread (Busy in Brooklyn)
Black Bean Chorizo Chocolate Chili (Busy in Brooklyn)
Homemade Beef Chili (Tales of an Overtime Cook) MEAT
Sedona Corn Tortilla Soup (Copy Kat Recipes)
White Chicken Chili (Gimme Some Oven) MEAT
Chicken Pozole (Joy of Kosher) MEAT
Black Bean and Rice Soup (Kalyn’s Kitchen) VEGETARIAN


Mexican Cavatappi & Chicken Salad (Gush Gourmet Salad) MEAT
Mexican Cabbage Slaw (Gourmet Kosher Cooking)
Mexican Bean Salad (All Recipes)
Corn Edamame and Quinoa Salad (Two Healthy Kitchens)
Southwest Chicken Salad (Kosher in the Kitch) MEAT
Mexican Taco Salad (Joy of Kosher)
Taco Salad (


Arro Con Pollo, Rice with Chicken (Tori Avey) MEAT
Mexican Rice (Joy of Kosher)
Mexican Rice (The Kitchn)
Mexican Rice (All Recipes)
Mayan Couscous (All Recipes)Cheesy Mexican Latkes (Gush Gourmet Blog) DAIRY
Mexican Rice and Beans (Gush Gourmet Blog)
Pareve Cornbread Muffins (Joy of Kosher)
Cornbread (Couldn’t be Pareve)
Pareve Cornbread (Chick in the Kitchen)
Orange Cornmeal Bread (Kosher by Design)
Elote Mexican Grilled Corn (Bon Appetit)
Mini Taco Cups Meatless Tacos (Kosher in the Kitch)
Vegetarian Empanadas (Kosher Foodies) VEGETARIAN
Meat Empanadas (Super Delicious) MEAT
Beef Empanadas (Kosher Treif Cooking) MEAT
Taquitos (Kosher in the Kitch) MEAT


Mexican Shakshuka (Busy in Brooklyn)
Huevos Shakshukos (Tori Avey)
Old Bay Fish Tacos (Busy in Brooklyn) FISH
Crispy Panko Fish Tacos (Tori Avey) FISH
Vegan Lentil Cauliflower Tacos (Tori Avey) VEGAN
Tortilla Crusted Chicken Fingers (Busy in Brooklyn) MEAT
Ground Beef or Chicken Tacos Tostadas (Joy of Kosher) MEAT
Cauliflower Nachos with Harissa Cheddar Sauce (Busy in Brooklyn) DAIRY
Slow Cooker Brisket with Chipotle Cranberry Sauce (Tori Avey) MEAT
Quinoa Black Bean Burrito Bowls
Mexican Skillet Chicken with Jicama Noodles (Tales of an Overtime Cooke) MEAT
Black Bean & Rice Enchiladas (Gush Gourmet Blog) DAIRY
Mexican Stuffed Peppers (Gush Gourmet Blog) VEGETARIAN
Mexican Pot Roast (Gourmet Kosher Cooking) MEAT
Mexican Short Ribs (Gourmet Kosher Cooking) MEAT
Mexican Carne Asada (Gourmet Kosher Cooking) MEAT
Texas Stacked Enchiladas with Corn and Black Beans (Simply Recipes)
Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas (Cooking for my People
Southwestern Pulled Brisket (Smitten Kitchen) MEAT
Homemade Burrito Bowl Cilantro Lime Rice (Serious Spice) This recipe might not be for you if you are one of those people who cilantro tastes like dish soap.
Chocolate Chicken Mole (Cooking Channel)
Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos (All Recipes)
Steak Carnita Meat in Crockpot (Bless this Mess)
Mexican Zucchini Burritos Boats (Making Thyme for Health)
Cheese and Black Bean Chimichangas (Chabad) DAIRY
Tamale Pie (The Kosher Channel) DAIRY


I did see that Aldi has OU-D Churrios on Sale.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Brownies (Busy in Brooklyn)
Mexican Hot Chocolate Pecan Pie (Busy in Brooklyn)
Ensalada de Frutas con Chile (Tori Avey)
Sopapillas (Tori Avey)
Mexican Brownies (Joy of Kosher)
Mexican Rice Pudding (Gourmet Kosher Cooking)
Mexican Wedding Cookies (Gourmet Kosher Cooking)
Mexican Chocolate Pudding (Gourmet Kosher Cooking)
Pumpkin Pecan Polvorones (Cookie & Kate)
Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (Eitan Bernath)
Mexican Chocolate Cake (Genius Kitchen)
Baked Churro Bites (Tasty)
Margarita Cupcakes (Brown Eyed Baker)
Margarita Ice Cream (Chabad)
Easy Mexican Brownies (Tasty Kitchen)
Nutella Stuffed Churros (Handle the Heat)
Caramel Apple Taquitos (Cincy Shopper)
Mexican Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Dulce De Leche Filling (The Beach House Kitchen)
Flourless Mexican Brownies (Spoonful of Flavor)
Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies (Lauren Conrad)

Deal: 3qt Steamer Pot with Lid

Deal: 3qt Steamer Pot with Lid

Amazon has a deal on a highly rated steamer pot with a glass lid. It’s perfect for vegetables without having to have a very large pot.

A New Soda Stream Machine

We held out a long time before buying a soda stream, only because we had cut out soda almost entirely or only had it occasionally. But the rest of our family already had soda streams and we were fortunate to borrow one for 6 months when a family member was is transition. I’m not a seltzer drinker so plain water, doesn’t really make me excited. But the flavors are a lot of fun and making a combination of them is also fun. Over Rosh HaShannah, we combined the Cranberry Raspberry with the Gingerale.

Recently Soda Stream released a new Soda Stream product.

iconNew Soda Stream Revolution
Our favorite flavor is the Orange Mango, although I find it difficult to find it in the stores. I was fortunate to be in a baby store in Columbia, Maryland where they must have had every flavor and picked it up on a whim. So glad I did. The only thing I found it I constantly was overflowing, so I had to be careful to pour the syrup in slowly as not to overflow.

iconOrange Mango Syrup