ibotta: Brand new reward program

Ibotta is a brand new reward program where you do tasks for products you are already borrow and then you earn money back. I’m just starting to use it so I really haven’t fully had the ability to test it out, but

My understanding is
1. You sign up for an account.
2. You download the app for iPhone or Android.
3. You look for products you are going to buy. Click on earn and then you will perform tasks. These tasks could be reading information, filling out a survey, or watching a movie.
4. You’ll scan your receipt and upc code.
5. Then you’ll be paid or you can donate the money to a school.

Looking forward to seeing how much can be earned. Sign up now!

Grocery IQ Shopping List

For a while we looked for a bunch of applications. My husband and I both have android devices and were looking at a shopping list we could sink on both of our devices and could update online. After trying a number of apps, we have been most happy with Grocery iQ. It’s great because we always have the shopping list with us when we go to the store. I do have to remember to sync before walking into the Shoprite as there is no network or reception in the store. I can also customize my lists so items show up only for a particular store.

Grocery iQ