5lbs Whole Wheat Matza

5lbs Whole Wheat Matza

Most of the stores by us were giving away 5lbs of regular Matzah if you bought over $50 worth of food. Pretty easy to do when you are shopping for Passover, but not many had the option of Whole Wheat Matzah.

Kosher Cookbooks

Kosher Cookbooks

A couple of deal alerts on Kosher Cookbooks that you might be interested in adding to your collection or just want some new ideas for Passover and Shabbat

Kosher Wine Sale 1/30 ONLY

I know Passover is so early this year and it’s only January so we should hold off, but there’s a great deal today. Kosherwine.com is running a sale with free shipping on cases. And there are a couple of bottles of wine that are at great prices.

The Mt. Hermon Red is $5.99. This is a great basic Red Wine. And this is an amazing price on the wine.

The next is the Dolcemente for $7.99. Another good basic wine.

The cases can be mixed, so you can supplement with your favorite wines.

This deal is only good today. So act fast.

Organizing Yourself

A Jewish Homeschool Blog, put together a nice booklet of organization. I’m seeing all sorts of organization booklets like this on the internet from organizing months to weeks, to days. What’s great about this booklet is that it takes into consideration keeping kosher and Shabbat. For example there is a checklist for Shabbat.

I personally do a lot of our organization digitally, but I think this is a great visual tool. I hope to see other ones like this.

A New Soda Stream Machine

We held out a long time before buying a soda stream, only because we had cut out soda almost entirely or only had it occasionally. But the rest of our family already had soda streams and we were fortunate to borrow one for 6 months when a family member was is transition. I’m not a seltzer drinker so plain water, doesn’t really make me excited. But the flavors are a lot of fun and making a combination of them is also fun. Over Rosh HaShannah, we combined the Cranberry Raspberry with the Gingerale.

Recently Soda Stream released a new Soda Stream product.

iconNew Soda Stream Revolution
Our favorite flavor is the Orange Mango, although I find it difficult to find it in the stores. I was fortunate to be in a baby store in Columbia, Maryland where they must have had every flavor and picked it up on a whim. So glad I did. The only thing I found it I constantly was overflowing, so I had to be careful to pour the syrup in slowly as not to overflow.

iconOrange Mango Syrup