Amazon | GOOD DEAL: Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Amazon | GOOD DEAL: Little Tikes Rocking Horse

This children’s toy rocking horse has been designed in a bright blue color with smoothed corners and edges. Children will learn balance and coordination. This classic Rocking Horse is ideal for toddlers to make imaginary gallops around the house.

  • Smoothly rounded with a high seat back
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Low saddle designed for stability
  • Perfect size for indoor or outdoor use
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Maximum weight limit: up to 50lbs.
Amazon | BEST PRICE: Shrinky Dinks

Amazon | BEST PRICE: Shrinky Dinks

Check out this fun Shrinky Dink Set.

  • 254 piece set
  • Color, bake and shrink owls, butterflies, flowers and more
  • Make fantasy charms, necklaces, and earrings and hang them from a tree-shaped holder
  • Includes 60 Shrinky Dinks, jewelry tree, stands, sticky gems, beads, colored pencils, earring hooks, string, glue dots, jump rings, needle
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

Hanukkah Menu Planning: Latkes

Hanukkah Menu Planning: Latkes

There are so many yummy recipes out there. We make the Cottage Cheese Pancakes from Spice & Spirit all throughout the year for breakfast. Some of the recipes are pareve, but have dairy toppings or garnishes. Here are some tips from LifeHacker on “How to Make Great Latkes.”

I am sure a missed a fish of the classic ones. But here are a bunch of them.

Potato Latkes

Aura’s Traditional Potato Pancakes (Pomegranates and Honey) – PAREVE
Baked Latkes (Renana’s Kitchen) – PAREVE
Beet & Potato Latkes (Food Network) – PAREVE
Crispy Panko Potato Latkes (Tori Avey) – PAREVE
Carmelized Onion Latkes (Overtime Cook) – PAREVE
Classic Potato Latkes (Tori Avey) – PAREVE
Chanukah Breakfast Latkes (Kosher Everyday) – DAIRY
Crispy Oven Baked Potato Latkes (No Way That’s Healthy) – PAREVE
Crispy Potato Latkes with Spiced Pear Compote (Love and Olive Oil) – PAREVE
Easy Baked Latkes (Curly Kale & Cowboy Boots) – PAREVE / VEGAN / EGG FREE / GLUTEN FREE
Killer Potato Latkes (Food & Wine) – PAREVE
Lacy Potato Latkes With Chives (Genius Kitchen) – PAREVE
Levivot – The Absolute Perfect Potato Latkes (Afooda) – PAREVE
Magical 3 Ingredient Baked Latkes (Batel’s Kitchen) – PAREVE
Oven-Fried Potato Latkes (Once Upon a Chef) – PAREVE
Oven-Fried Delicious Potato Latkes (Family Friends Food) – PAREVE
Oven Roasted Hashbrown Cakes (Bon Appetit) – PAREVE / VEGAN / EGG FREE / GLUTEN FREE
Potato Latkes (The Cookin Foodie) – PAREVE
Potato Latkes (Renee’s Table via – PAREVE
Potato Latkes (A Clean Bake) – PAREVE / VEGAN / GLUTEN FREE / EGG FREE
Potato Latke Funnel Cakes (Busy in Brooklyn) – DAIRY
Purple Potato Latkes (Overtime Cook) – PAREVE
Samosa Latkes Recipe (Joy of Kosher) – PAREVE
Sheet pan Latkes + Carmelized Onion Dip (Sylvia Fallas) – PAREVE
Spiralized Latkes (Overtime Cook) – PAREVE

Butternut Squash Latkes

Butternut Squash & Apple Latkes (Overtime Cook) – PAREVE
Butternut Squash Latkes (Busy in Brooklyn) – PAREVE / GLUTEN-FREE
Butternut Squash Latkes with Crazy Feta Dip (Sylvia Fallas) – PAREVE + DAIRY Dip
Butternut Squash Latkes and Carmelized Fennel Jam (The Spruce Eats) – PAREVE
Butternut Squash Latkes with Sriracha Aioli (Early Morning Farm) – PAREVE / GLUTEN-FREE possible
Butternut Squash & Leek Latke Benedict (The Crepes of Wrath) – PAREVE
Squashske Latkes – Butternut Squash Latkes (Kosher Everyday) – PAREVE

Vegetable Latkes

Baked or Fried Cauliflower Pizza Latkes (Empower Lift Eats) – DAIRY / PASSOVER
Curry Vegetable Latkes (Tori Avey) – PAREVE
Confetti Latkes with Harissa Sour Cream (Busy in Brooklyn) – PAREVE + DAIRY Topping
Crispy Rice Latkes (Busy in Brooklyn) – PAREVE
Falafel Latkes with Harissa Tahina (Busy in Brooklyn) – PAREVE
Japanese Style Latkes (The Nosher) – PAREVE
Kale Latkes with Dill Sour Cream (Food Republic) – PAREVE + DAIRY dip
Parsnip Latkes with Mustard Cashew Cream and Honey Roasted Apples (Delicious Everyday) PAREVE / GLUTEN-FREE
Rainbow Latkes (What Jew Wanna Eat) – PAREVE & DAIRY
Spaghetti Squash Latkes (The Kitchn) – PAREVE / GLUTEN-FREE
Sweet Potato Latkes with Brie & Arugla (The Joy of Kosher) – PAREVE
Quick & Crispy Vegetable Fritters (This Recipes Space) – PAREVE
Zucchini Feta Latkes (Kosher by Gloria) – DAIRY
Zucchini Fritters (Smitten Kitchen) – PAREVE

Meat Latkes

Brisket Latkes (Epicurious) – MEAT
Pulled Brisket + BBQ Sauce Stuffed Latkes (Joy of Kosher) – MEAT
Pulled Brisket Latkes (Gourmet Kosher Cooking) – MEAT
Pulled Brisket Latkes (Tablet Magazine) – MEAT
Persian Pulled Brisket Latkes for Hanukkah (Rain Coast Creative Salon) – MEAT
Salami Potato Latkes (Busy in Brooklyn) – MEAT
Sweet & Spicy BBQ Pulled Brisket & Sweet Potato Latke Bites (Host the Toast) – MEAT

Fish Latkes

Cod Fish Latkes (Big Oven) – FISH / PAREVE
Crispy Potato Latkes with Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream (Domestic Gothess) – FISH / DAIRY
Fish Latkes (Roger Berkowitz via Boston Herald) – FISH / PAREVE
Salt Cod & Sweet Potato Latkes (A Thought for Food) – FISH / PAREVE
Salt Cod Fritters (Jewish Food Experience) – FISH / DAIRY
Smoked Salmon Latkes with a Lemon and Caper Soured Cream (Rachel Phipps) – FISH / PAREVE + DAIRY Dip
Tuna Fish Latke (The Paper Mama) – FISH / DAIRY

Cheese Latkes

Cheese Latkes (Joy of Kosher) – DAIRY
Cheese Latkes (Tori Avey) – DAIRY
Cheese Latkes II (Chabad) – DAIRY
Cheese Latkes with Raspberry Sauce (Busy in Brooklyn) – DAIRY
Cottage Cheese Latkes (Genius Kitchen) – DAIRY
Mac & Cheese Latkes (Overtime Cook) – DAIRY
Potato & Cheese Latkes (The Creole Contessa) – DAIRY
Sweet Cottage Cheese Latkes (Genius Kitchen) – DAIRY

Dessert Latkes

Apple Cinnamon Dessert Latkes (Breaking Matzo) – PAREVE
Apple Latkes (Jewish Foods // Heathen Hands) – PAREVE
Apple Latkes (Smitten Kitchen) – PAREVE
Apple Latkes with Bourbon Caramel & Sour Cream (Jerry James Stone) – PAREVE + DAIRY Topping
Apple Pie Latkes (Tastemade) – PAREVE + DAIRY Topping
Chocolate Latkes (Little Family Adventure) – PAREVE
Mexican Chocolate Latkes with Cinnamon Whipped Cream (What Jew Wanna Eat) – PAREVE + DAIRY Topping
Pumpkin Ricotta Pancakes with Cranberry Syrup (Busy in Brooklyn) – DAIRY
Smore Latkes (Kitchen Tested) – PAREVE
Vanilla & Cinnamon-Apple Kissed Apple Latkes (Taste of Home) – DAIRY

Amazon | Hanukkah Book Ideas for Kids

Amazon | Hanukkah Book Ideas for Kids

I know a lot of people have different customs for what they do during Hanukkah. Some people do one night with books. Here are some ideas for young readers for Hanukkah books:

Here are some longer books for a slightly older audience:

Here are some Hanukkah activity books

Amazon | BEST PRICE: Pre-filled Olive Oil Hanukkah Candles

Amazon | BEST PRICE: Pre-filled Olive Oil Hanukkah Candles

There are two options for these pre-filled lights one will last an hour and half and the other will last two hours.

Prefilled Olive Oil Candle Cups. Special new product. You can now light the Menorah the way our forefathers did, pure olive oil. These prefilled oil cups have been specifically designed for customers using standard oil Menorahs. These oil cups will fit on your Menorah hassle free, no filling or preparations needed, just unscrew the top and light. Burns approx. 2 1/2 hours. 100% pure olive oil. Also includes travel kit packaging, a Shames candle, brochure card with the lighting prayers. 44 cups sufficient for all of Hanukkah.

  • EASY AND CLEAN: Preparing a Menorah with oil cups for candle lighting can be messy. With Ohr Lights pre filled oil candles, you’ll do it in a clean and easy. Just remove the cover and you are ready to light. Trash when done, no need to clean cups.
  • SIZE AND QUANTITY: Our 44 count box lasts through all 8 nights of Hanukkah.
  • QUALITY CRAFTED: Expect nothing less than the best from Ohr. Our chanuka oil lights burn clear & bright with no oil spills to keep your chanukiya clean. Made from certified kosher 100% olive oil.
  • CLASSIC CHANUKA GIFT: There is no better way to celebrate the festival of lights than with a beautiful Menorah. This makes the perfect Judaic present.
  • They are plastic containers.

Here are some other options are glass filled containers and some of them are color filled oil.