LIRR Suspended Service on Port Jeff and Ronkonkoma

I was able to get into the city with almost no delay this morning. Luckily this morning we were running on time and I dropped the girls off at school, found a parking spot at Hicksville, and got on the 8:07 train to Penn Station. The people on the trains behind me were not so lucky. A utility pole fell down and has caused disruption on these lines between Mineola and Hicksville in both directions. They have posted several times that they are expecting this to be fixed by a certain time and the time has come and gone. 

Here is the latest from 2:30
Service remains suspended on the Pt Jeff and Ronkonkoma branches between Mineola & Hicksville, due to a broken LIPA pole on power lines in Hicksville. LIPA crews are continuing their work and are expecting it to be completed by approximately 3:15PM. Ronkonkoma Branch trains are continuing to be routed to Babylon, where Pt Jeff and Ronkonkoma customers can transfer for service to Hicksville and points east.
The 2:04PM train from Huntington which will terminate at Hicksville today, is operating 16 minutes late as a result of the suspension between Mineola and Hicksville, because of a LIPA pole across power lines west of Hicksvile.
Westbound Port Jefferson and Ronkonkoma branch customers will be accommodated at Hicksville by an eastbound diesel train to Babylon, where they can transfer for westbound train service.
Buses are accommodating customers between Hicksville and Mineola.

So now I need to decide, do I take an earlier train and meet my husband in Mineola and then retrieve our car from  Hicksville or do I hope that if I wait long enough things will run on time.

Ah the joys of commuting.