Flu Season

Flu Season

Flu season seems to be all around us. We were hit with the stomach bug just a few weeks ago and I spent the next week cleaning everything, sheets, clothing, towels, surfaces, etc. We were disinfecting everything you could touch.

I have been reading several emails and blog posts over the last couple days that have suggested elderberry syrup as a way to help alleviate symptoms from the cold and flu. There seems to be a number of health professionals who suggest this as a natural health option to fight symptoms. There are also a number of recipes to make elderberry gummies.

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Story Bots

I love watching the funny videos that JibJab.com has created. They have great greeting cards you can send to friends and family for special occasions.

They have created a new site for kids to help with learning the alphabet. Their political videos have always been fabulous, but I believe that this new site really puts them over the top on their creative talents. They have created Storybots, an great educational website that I’m sure will be a fun tool to helping my daughter develop her skills for the alphabet.

What do you think about it? Are there other great websites out there?