I remember when we first moved to Baltimore. I was leaving an event and decided to explore a little bit. This was before GPS or my smart phone. I ended up at an intersection and because there were no signs I felt completely lost. I turned around and headed home. About 6 months later I hit the same section from another direction and realized I should have just continued.

I had a similar experience this evening. I lived in NYC during college, so I’m very familiar with the 1 and 9 (although I don’t think the 9 exists anymore). But I’m not at all familiar with the A C E, which are the closest lines to my office. When I was leaving my meeting I waited at the train station, wondering if the B train would take me to Penn station. My phone had no reception and there aren’t any maps. In college I really didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings. As I learn to navigate the trains again, I know I will find faster ways. I just need to pay more attention.